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22 March 2006 @ 11:11 am
on friends  
ocean_child is the reason i want to stay.

julia goes to trent. she is a womens' studies major. she writes for the arthur. she is my favourite feminist in a dress.

i met her on the internet. yep. how does this happen?

probably from communities:
there are communities for everything. film_stills is great. it's like watching movies but instead i still have an hour and 40 minutes for reading. vaginapagina is doing really important work in women's health and i am not sure how many crises, mine and the other people i know and strangers too, have been averted. when i have papers due i waste my time reading ohnotheydidnt which is one of my guilty pleasures please don't tell anyone. i even started a community called epistolaries but sometimes the posts got so annoying that i hardly read it anymore. but the one that introduced me to julia was trentuniversity.

the deal with communities is that members join and all of them can post to one journal. you can add them to your friends page, which i have surely explained? on it you see all the people who you have added, like a system of bookmarks but all in one big list according to time posted. if someone wants only certain people, like the people whose journals they are themselves reading, to be able to read an entry, they can mark it friends-only. that way only the people who you add and who are logged in can see your more personal stuff. anyway, posts on communities like trentuniversity show up on my friends page, i read it and maybe comment and maybe read the comments. sometimes i will read the journals of the people who comment, just out of boredom or curiosity or to see if there is someone i know (i found marie's journal a couple of days ago) and sometimes if they are interesting enough i will read THEIR friends page and etc. and you can end up generations away from the original entry you're reading. maybe you have done this yourself. maybe you will never read this entry because of links that i made. actually, if you are reading it will be in reverse order since the newer stuff shows up first. so if you're not reading this it is because you will be distracted by something else i will write. maybe.

anyway, julia.

she's exactly like me. all that feminism and emotional sensitivity and interest in fashion and indie rock. it's maybe superficial to add someone because of these things but livejournal is superficial. this was maybe this june or july, i was living at home in aurora and she was in trenton. one day when i was staying in peterborough she calls me, drunk, and asks me if i want to meet her and her friends. they are going out. she is charming and self-conscious about being so drunk.. which is i think what makes me feel charmed in the first place. i am too shy and say no. i don't remember when we do actually meet.

i do remember, though, this instance: i had come up to peterborough for a job fair at rogers video. i worked at one in newmarket and wanted to transfer. the store wasn't open yet, it was extremely hot outside, i was frazzled because i had walked a long way, longer than i should have had to but i didn't understand the bus routes. i just got off a local bus and the subway and the greyhound bus. i am worried that i look too sweaty from the walk. i am talking to the manager, and behind her i see julia walking by with a bunch of girls. we have been talking about meeting and i am so tempted to yell across the parking lot at her. i don't expect to see her in peterborough at all, she is like a mirage. i am obviously distracted and this manager stops talking and asks me what is going on. i say, "i know that girl from the internet."

turns out her sister applied and got hired and now we are coworkers. julia and i met eventually.
actually here is what she says about it. i did not write anything at all on my livejournal about meeting her, apparently. i think this is because seeing her is always so natural, she would tell stories that i had already read about, she would mention people i had seen pictures of. we get along in a way that doesn't often happen because she is so easy to be with. we don't have as much time together as we should. but know that even though i don't see julia often, she is always supportive of me and i always feel, when i see her, caught up on her life. not because i read what she says on livejournal all the time, but because she is an attentive listener and a fun and spontaneous person. she makes me feel relaxed because she will often just look at me and say "awkward!" and then we all laugh. julia's entries, when she does post, are an achievement that is not usually accomplished on livejournal at all. they are entirely honest. they are not pretentious. they do not imply that people are being left out or things are being glossed over. she doesn't allude to secrets that are too much to write about. she posts pictures of her smiling face. she talks about her dreams for the future. she writes excited entries about films and bands and friends of hers. she links back to things she had written years ago. she posts pictures of her younger self, long hair and big sunglasses, so that we can all laugh at our old selves. she staunchly refuses to become jaded about the medium. she counts me, us, as one of the many benefits of having a blog that outweigh all the negative aspects.

and there always are some. they don't call it lj-drama for nothing. there is always drama.
the girl who cried wolf: hi by overdrawnocean_child on April 2nd, 2006 09:59 pm (UTC)
this is possibly the nicest thing anyone has ever said about me in my entire life.

bookself on April 2nd, 2006 10:01 pm (UTC)

it's like anne of green gables.
kindred spirits. really old dresses.